FC Portage
Fifty Recent Forgotten Chicago Events
by Patrick Steffes » 12.9.2014

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Shoe Store
Unexpected Glamour: The Forgotten Work of James F. Eppenstein, Part 2
by Patrick Steffes » 12.16.2013

This is the second of three Forgotten Chicago articles on the work of modernist architect and designer James F. Eppenstein. For background on Eppenstein’s prolific career, his hotel and a distinctive train that once ran from Chicago to Milwaukee, visit Part One of this series.
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Railroads and Chicago Swing Bridges
by Patrick McBriarty » 9.3.2013

While it is easy to overlook the railroads in Chicago nowadays, this city has been a major rail hub if not the most important railroad city in the nation and the world for more than 150 years. Read More »

Shoreline North

092 powerhouse Wash
Cable Car Remnants
by Greg Borzo » 12.28.2012

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