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Program of Progress Uncovering Forgotten Chicago Through Research and Events
by Patrick Steffes » 11.6.2015

brandt sign small Slow! Watch for Politicians
by Jacob Kaplan » 8.4.2015

Eppenstein Label Sharply Defined Masses: The Forgotten Work of James F. Eppenstein, Part 3
by Patrick Steffes » 3.20.2015

FC Chicago & Alton Bridge DSC_0174-enhd Bridgeport’s Chicago & Alton Railroad Bridge
by Patrick McBriarty » 10.23.2014

Million Lots Chicagoland’s Million Vacant Lots, and Other Recent Research Finds
by Patrick Steffes » 5.31.2014

12th Street Perspective The 12th Street Bridge That Never Was
by Patrick McBriarty » 2.5.2014

Shoe Store Unexpected Glamour: The Forgotten Work of James F. Eppenstein, Part 2
by Patrick Steffes » 12.16.2013

Eppenstein 1 Good Modern: The Forgotten Work of James F. Eppenstein, Part 1
by Patrick Steffes » 11.23.2013

chicagomadisonnorthern Railroads and Chicago Swing Bridges
by Patrick McBriarty » 9.3.2013

Shoreline North Chicago’s Shoreline Motels – South
by Patrick Steffes » 6.30.2013

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