by Serhii Chrucky

We get all sorts of comments and questions. For the sake of convenience, we’ve answered some of the more common ones here:

Q: This is a great website!
A: Thanks!

Q: This is an awful website!
A: Thanks, but no thanks.

Q: What is this website all about?
A: Please read our Mission Statement.

Q: Where did you get the idea for this website?
A: We took our cue from websites like Built St. Louis and Forgotten New York which document the built environments of their respective cities. Camilo Jose Vergara’s book Unexpected Chicagoland was also a major influence. Oddly enough, we decided to do the site while visiting St. Louis.

Q: Do you sell old signs? If not, do you know who does?
A: We do not have any signs for sale. The Illinois Railway Museum is often selling old CTA signs, but for city or street signs, the best bet is probably E-Bay.

Q: Did you know that you’re missing an example of [something you’ve written about] which is located [somewhere]?
A: We most likely do know about it, but haven’t included it for any number of reasons. Most features are not intended to be exhaustive surveys. The concept is more important than list-making.

Q: Have you done any research on [something], or plan on doing a feature on [something]?
A: We have more ideas for features than we know what to do with. If you have an idea, or better yet, have an idea and want to help, please contact us.

Q: I am interested in contributing to your site. Do you accept submissions?
A: Yes! Contact us.

Q: I have a really interesting image of [something]. Can I send it to you?
A: Please upload any relevant images to our Flickr Pool. If we need it, we’ll probably use it. If not, we still want to see it.

Q: Can you give a lecture or conduct a walking tour for my organization?
A: Definitely. Contact us.

Q: Have you ever considered putting out a book?
A: Indeed, we have numerous book ideas. If you’re interested in working with us to publish one, please contact us.

Q: I live at [address]. Can you tell me about my building?
A: We’re happy to help you help yourself. Please consult our Research Links and Basic Online Research Guide. You might also find answers in our Forum.

Q: Four-plus-ones are ugly! Just look at one! Do you people get out much?
A: Please read Herbert Gans’ book Popular Culture And High Culture and then get back to us.

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