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City walks to revisit your past 1,885  nordsider  08/21/2012 12:58AM 
Last Post by Richard Stachowski
Treasure and architecture hunting 999  cesarS  08/06/2012 06:18PM 
Last Post by cesarS
Old Melrose park 1,157  dell  07/29/2012 03:43PM 
Last Post by PKDickman
Compton's 1,115  1313Julian  07/26/2012 06:29PM 
Last Post by Rustymuscle
Bike Path - 5600 - 6400 N 1,493  Kchi  07/04/2012 07:52PM 
Last Post by tomcat630
1950s and 1960s Chicago directory 1,200  mphansen  06/28/2012 04:41PM 
Last Post by mphansen
Simpson & Mueller, Architects 1,358  WayOutWardell  06/26/2012 02:34PM 
Last Post by davey7
welcome inn 1,385  robinl7749  06/16/2012 02:28PM 
Last Post by robinl7749
Early 90's Polish Restaurant 1,709  Tlales  06/08/2012 02:45PM 
Last Post by Jazzman
Czechs in Chicago and A Century of Progress 1,655  uva marcy  06/07/2012 04:24PM 
Last Post by uva marcy
Franklin Park Burger King Sign 1,338  WayOutWardell  05/18/2012 02:44AM 
Last Post by tomcat630
104th and Harvard 1,325  trafficway  05/12/2012 12:44AM 
Last Post by geffertz
Jazz Age Chicago 2,350  nick_archer  05/05/2012 02:43PM 
Last Post by nick_archer
Daley Center Christmas Tree. 1,625  MIKETOUHY  04/28/2012 01:37PM 
Last Post by RegularGuy55
? on Doctors' conventions in Chicago 1,089  denwoz  04/17/2012 03:49PM 
Last Post by Rustymuscle
Old Rare Chicago Restaurants 2,295  Chipast  04/16/2012 05:18PM 
Last Post by Chipast
The Florist At 2529 N. Lotus 1,090  Chipast  04/13/2012 01:46PM 
Last Post by Rustymuscle
Looking for Apt.Building on Winona around 1934 1,131  nancybc  04/10/2012 11:57PM 
Last Post by nancybc
Rex TV Service 1,168  Richard Stachowski  04/09/2012 07:07PM 
Last Post by Richard Stachowski
Julia's Restaurant in Marquette Park 2,112  cmysli  04/08/2012 11:03AM 
Last Post by celticjunker1
Old buisnesses 1,267  Richard Stachowski  04/03/2012 11:05PM 
Last Post by Richard Stachowski
RESTAURANTS ON SOUTH 63RD STREET 1,760  lorianej  04/03/2012 06:23PM 
Last Post by Steve B.
McCormick Place Structure 1,171  dean  03/19/2012 09:08PM 
Last Post by QlassiQue
All Night Show On WGN-TV 1,905  Chipast  03/08/2012 08:18PM 
Last Post by rjmachon
Grand Avenue and Aberdeen Streets 1,251  PHILC  03/07/2012 12:10PM 
Last Post by PHILC
The Tall Building That Existed On The NW Corner Of Chicago Nr Noble 1,606  11  Chipast  03/07/2012 11:59AM 
Last Post by PHILC
Standard Gas Station Promotion from the 70s 971  Tdavis0000  03/06/2012 07:48PM 
Last Post by Tdavis0000
Getting an Old Newspaper Story 1,434  backwardk4501  03/06/2012 01:14AM 
Last Post by backwardk4501
WW II Memorials 2,222  17  jak378  02/24/2012 08:36PM 
Last Post by Richard Stachowski
Vintage Chicago Police Vehicle Photos 3,936  20  n8405g  02/06/2012 09:48PM 
Last Post by n8405g
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