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restuarant on LSD, fish head entrance 1,452  crowamonghens  02/05/2012 04:23PM 
Last Post by crowamonghens
Chicago Swedes and Snus Boulevard 5,906  10  appleuzer  02/03/2012 11:37PM 
Last Post by Pestromy
N Halsted Street in the 80's 3,813  24  kgamb  02/03/2012 02:06PM 
Last Post by jak378
Photographer Hans Myelund 841  LK  01/29/2012 10:59AM 
Last Post by LK
"Do Stop Inn" bar on 51st & Racine in the 1960's 1,664  chgocelt  01/16/2012 02:38AM 
Last Post by jak378
Chicago Mid 50s 2,633  20  parmour  01/11/2012 04:39AM 
Last Post by diannaP
1700 South in Berwyn and Cicero 1,262  Dunning1  01/04/2012 01:55AM 
Last Post by tomcat630
Looking for address site from 1892 - 4832 Cook 1,184  10  JRoubal  12/29/2011 12:37PM 
Last Post by JRoubal
Gaelic Park? 1,221  Richard Stachowski  12/28/2011 11:07PM 
Last Post by Richard Stachowski
Oak Park Country Club/The Jogs on Jackson Blvd 1,141  barsntone  12/27/2011 04:08PM 
Last Post by barsntone
the Mercury Theater location clarification 1,513  Artista  12/20/2011 12:33AM 
Last Post by tomcat630
Halsted/North Avenue pix and info    Pages: 1 2 3 10,187  74  captain54  12/17/2011 01:11AM 
Last Post by gglow
Grand Avenue Billboard Photo? 1,144  WayOutWardell  12/15/2011 02:52AM 
Last Post by WayOutWardell
Anyone familiar with the 'Russel Hupp dance studio' which was above Tiffin theater? 1,238  Artista  12/12/2011 05:26PM 
Last Post by Dunning1
Port of Chicago Status 1,389  Kchi  12/12/2011 05:15PM 
Last Post by Dunning1
Leemars on Lawrence 1,006  Janicemarie  12/07/2011 08:21PM 
Last Post by Janicemarie
CTA Bus Stop sign information 2,197  Rustymuscle  12/06/2011 10:48PM 
Last Post by Rustymuscle
The Old Talman Clock That Existed Near The Stevenson Expy 996  Chipast  12/05/2011 12:26PM 
Last Post by chisox1
Marquis Lunch: "It's Time To Eat" 2,987  24  Kenneth Haag  11/16/2011 12:58AM 
Last Post by Mornac
Old Town and the 1940s 1,634  11  zorchvalve  11/15/2011 02:36AM 
Last Post by zorchvalve
preservation in chicago... research help 1,044  victorianhorror  11/07/2011 08:59PM 
Last Post by Elaine W
German Bakeries 1900 - 40's 1,889  garden_bugger  11/01/2011 06:34PM 
Last Post by jak378
old Com Ed payment centers 2,567  crowamonghens  11/01/2011 12:58PM 
Last Post by Kchi
Bally Pinball Co. - Belmont Ave. 1,868  WayOutWardell  10/30/2011 09:31PM 
Last Post by zorchvalve
Oldest Firehouse? 1,198  adgorn  10/29/2011 05:42PM 
Last Post by Berwyn Frank
movie theaters 1,307  zorchvalve  10/24/2011 12:42AM 
Last Post by Richard Stachowski
North ave./Larabee YMCA 1,247  zorchvalve  10/23/2011 03:54PM 
Last Post by zorchvalve
National Candy Company 2,495  ChiTownJim  10/17/2011 08:47AM 
Last Post by ChiTownJim
local tavern with fishing hole 2,151  22  lorianej  10/13/2011 03:12PM 
Last Post by majbuzz
Looking for Old Photos? Try 1,985  BrianJ  10/11/2011 07:50PM 
Last Post by BrianJ
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