Orphei Singing Club

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Orphei Singing Club
Posted by: WayOutWardell ()
Date: November 23, 2013 01:49AM

Passed by the Rizal Center today near Irving and Southport and remembered that I was long curious about the empty blue squares on the facade of the building.

I did some inquiring and found that it was originally the Orphei Singing Club, a Swedish social hall, and came across this on a restaurant ware collector website:
[i]The Orphei Singing Club was a Swedish-American social club that featured singing, gambling, wrestling, and an art gallery. It was also used to host social events. The club purchased a building at 1332 W. Irving Park Road in Chicago, Illinois in approximately 1930 (though it is unclear whether the purchase of the building signals the start of the club or whether it was already in existence). The club was also listed by Cook County, Illinois as a tax exempt organization in April 1943. The club shut down in 1974.
Does anyone have any photos of the building when it was the Orphei Club?

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