Road to Perdition?
Road to Perdition?
Date: January 29, 2011 04:16PM

[b]That's the title of the movie shot in the Chicago area. I watched it last night and noticed the Florence Hotel in Pullman also a hotel in Geneva. Does anybody know where the town of Perdition was? It looked like the Lake Michigan lake front in the movie.[/b]Illinois? Wisconsin? Indiana?

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: b.a.hoarder ()
Date: January 29, 2011 07:17PM

Richard, I don't think it's a city anywhere. I'm pretty sure it means "to be damned to Hell". I worked with a guy that rented his Model A Ford 2 door sedan for the local filming and that is how he explained it.

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: Artista ()
Date: January 29, 2011 11:00PM

That movie was vastly underrated in my opinion. It had great meaning and well acted

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: ChicagoGeek ()
Date: February 17, 2011 10:47PM

I have family in the burbs, so I watched some of the filming. They filmed in towns like West Dundee and Geneva. Paul Newman's house was in Evanston. Tom Hanks house was an old farm house in Barrington Hills, specifically painted for the movie. I don't think Perdition exists, just a film creation.

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: WayOutWardell ()
Date: February 18, 2011 02:16AM

The movie is based on one volume of comic book series - 'Road To Perdition' is the first volume; 'Road To Purgatory' and 'Road To Paradise'are the others.

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: tomc ()
Date: December 12, 2012 03:29AM

Funny,funny story. I have the poster on the wall right behind me. I was an extra standing next to the piano player in Calvino's where Tom Hanks passed the note that read, "If you kill Michael Sullivan," all your debts are forgiven." Of course, Tom Hanks grabbed the gun and shot him instead.That whole scene on the dance floor was wasted on bad lighting as I saw all of the good dancers knock themselves out and you could hardly see them.When Tom Hanks exited the set he nearly knocked me down as he was running so fast to catch up with somebody. He is a big,husky guy. They shot that scene over and over again and again until my legs were about to fall off. Never-the-less, the food was great and the people were especially nice and I made a hundred bucks even though I did not make it as a big time as a movie star.
Tom C (The Kid From Woodlawn).

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: Mornac ()
Date: December 12, 2012 11:46PM

It’s been awhile since I saw that one but I too thought it was underrated. I was under the impression from some subtle clues in the script, that the story begins in the Quad Cities where Paul Newman was the big boss. After things heat up, To Hanks heads toward Chicago to mix it up with the big boys. When he ultimately heads to the town of Perdition, he makes some allusions to it being in Indiana.

Re: Road to Perdition?
Posted by: ThenNowFuture ()
Date: December 18, 2012 01:30AM

The name of the move was symbolic, but the houses you are referring to were those moved (I believe) from the 1933 World's Fair to a site in Indiana, along Lake Michigan, where I think they are still there but crumbling to pieces. I think they were supposed to represent the "houses of the future".

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