Indians, Indians!!!
Indians, Indians!!!
Posted by: twaflyer1 ()
Date: April 25, 2014 07:39PM

I used to dig holes in our backyard at 3707 N. Kedzie in the mid 50s, just to find something that would excite the explorer in me! Digging about Halfway between the front sidewalk & the alley, right next to Mr. L------i's fence, I dug about 8 inches deep when I found about 3 round pieces of sandstone, each with a long narrow hole through the diameter of it! I immediately knew it was part of a necklace of some kind, but wasn't sure if it was a Female's necklace or a man's! I just assumed it was a woman's decorative piece, at the time! Then, because we lived only 6-7 small blocks to the Chicago river, I thought that a number of Teepees or Branch type houses must have been scattered all around there, as all sorts of game, but including predators too, used the river as a watering hole! How I wish I could go back to those times, even for 1 hour, just to see how everything was laid out?? Also, my younger brother J----, found an arrowhead under the only bush in an empty lot just 5 houses north of our place! If anyone knows of a site that houses early photos, or drawings, of the north side, please post the Site-address! Thanks Tom

Re: Indians, Indians!!!
Posted by: Paul Petraitis ()
Date: May 11, 2014 01:04PM

Check out the Alfred Scharf collection at chicago History Museum for maps of chicago area Indian Villages...your "
necklace" soulda been withs for a fishing net...

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