Bloomingdale Trail update
Bloomingdale Trail update
Posted by: daveg (130.36.62.---)
Date: October 10, 2012 12:20PM

Re: Bloomingdale Trail update
Posted by: Business7007 (
Date: March 23, 2013 08:36PM

I am all for the Bloomingdale Trail project, but I could not help but notice on the link posted above, articles about school closings and other things that makes me wonder if the Chicago mayor has his priorities straight. I am aware that he is all into beautification projects, including L stations that were surviceable if not beautiful as one example. Chicago and Illinois have some of the highest taxes in the country, so what is going on. And, I am a native of Chicago and lived there for 40 years so I think I can have an opinion about what is currently happening.

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