City Seal on building/Old Municipal buildings
City Seal on building/Old Municipal buildings
Posted by: jclillig (
Date: March 26, 2008 01:58PM

At 5034 N. Western there is a building that looks like an ordinary two-flat with an old storefront addition (not currently in operation as a business) added to the first floor.

However, on the facade above the doors there are two City Seals. They are not carved or set into the facade (its wood); nor does it seem are they painted on. instead, they appear to be large decals.

I'm wondering if this was some sort of City building at some point, which seems unlikely because its in the middle of a residential block in a residential building.

Or, was the owner/occupier of the building just a lover of the City Seal for some reason?

(According to the database at the Chicago History Museum the building was designed by Peter Bartzen and the building permit was announced in a 1905 edition of American Contractor.)

I also thought perhaps people could use this thread to talk about other buildings around the city (old firehouses, for instance) that have the city seal prominently displayed. I'm thinking of the old firehouse on Damen just north of north avenue that is now a Potbelly's.

Re: City Seal on building/Old Municipal buildings
Posted by: Jacob (
Date: March 27, 2008 10:33PM

I noticed that building the other day. Its a mystery to me as well.

Its pretty rare to see the city seal prominently displayed, even on municipal buildings. The firehouse on Desplaines and Van Buren has it though.

Jacob Kaplan - Editor
Forgotten Chicago

Re: City Seal on building/Old Municipal buildings
Posted by: jclillig (
Date: June 26, 2008 04:23AM

There are two City Seals high on the facade of the Firehouse on the West side of Ridge in between Hollywood and Senn High School. They appear to be bronze or some other metal.

I have driven by the station almost every day for five years and I just noticed the seals the other day.

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