Short streets
Short streets
Posted by: kevin (
Date: February 29, 2008 06:12PM

Hello there,

Jones street is a short street that runs from Logan to Western Ave on a small angle.
It is right across the street from the Theater on Western and Schubert, and across the street form the Target on Logan. It is about 50' long.

Love your site.


Re: Short streets
Posted by: tomcat630 (
Date: March 04, 2008 02:53AM

There used to be a [very] short street called Longmeadow Av, It was off of Devon Av by the Edens. Longmeadow was a continuation of a street from Lincolnwood into Chicago for a few feet and ended at intersection of Lenox and Ionia Av, maybe one or two car lengths. It was featured once by Lee Phillip on Channel 2.

Supposedly the intersection was 3 streets, but didn't make sense, since it didn't have any houses on it. City pulled the name the Chicago version sign disappered around 1990.

[I realized a week after posting above, that Longmeadow wouldn't count on this site, since it is part of a subruban street, instead of on its own]

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Re: Short streets
Posted by: JonnyOYeah (
Date: March 13, 2008 11:41AM

In Brighton Park (60632) there is a two block remnant of Montgomery, that is referenced on a few pre-fire/pre-annexation maps as connecting to the current Archer/Campbell/38th Street intersection.

One block away there is also Brighton Ave, also about 2 blocks long.

Both connect Rockwell to Archer.

Re: Short streets
Posted by: paw (
Date: March 13, 2008 12:47PM

Those are pretty cool. they form the border of Kelly Park by where my grandparents lived and I never noticed them.

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