partial wall ad
partial wall ad
Posted by: craig16 (
Date: February 27, 2008 01:58PM

There's a wall ad that was uncovered during demolition of a building at Randolph east of Franklin. All I can read is "Window Shades"

Re: partial wall ad
Posted by: billdolan (
Date: February 27, 2008 03:51PM

There are also some ghost signs that have appeared since the demolition of the Nortown Theater in the 6300 block of N. Western. One is for a realtor. I'll try to get a pic of it before they build the condos.

Re: partial wall ad
Posted by: RiisPark99 (71.239.211.---)
Date: March 05, 2008 09:52PM

Here is a link to a shot I took of a ghost ad. This is for Dad's Root Beer and it is on a wall on a building on Addison Ave just east of Forest Preserve Drive in Chicago.

Re: partial wall ad
Posted by: tomcat630 (
Date: March 06, 2008 12:20AM

That Dad's Root Beer ad is from my old 'hood. Remember seeing it all the time when it was 'newer' and took it for granted. Now, I see it and go "oh cool its still there"!

The old Dad's factory has been converted to condos, at Diversey and JFK. At least not torn down!


It's Addison Street, by the way. The only north side e-w arterial called 'street' between North Av and Touhy Av, until you get to Howard Street. Who decided calling a street, 'X street' vs 'X avenue' when planning the city??

The lettered streets L-P are avenues, the south side numbered steets are "##th streets/places". The rest of the city is what I call "whatever the city planner decided 100 years ago". Hmm,

Re: partial wall ad
Posted by: Richard Stachowski (
Date: January 20, 2016 07:27PM


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