Chicago Alleys
Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Kchi (
Date: September 02, 2011 01:11PM

In riding my bike, on the NW side, I've come across a number of alleys that are not paved and a few where the alleys don't go all the way through so that the garbage truck has to back out, other alleys end at a parking lot. When I read the neighborhood paper on zoning issues, it seems as if the city discourages businesess from having their parking lot empty out into a alley. I've noted some exceptions that I don't know whether they were grandfathered in or this being Chicago where the "help" of the alderman was involved.

Several examples:

When the new Jefferson Park police station was built on Milwaukee Ave, it seemed to be a surprise that somehow a portion of Heck's catering at 5135 N. Milwaukee was built over what should have been the middle of the alley. The homeowners on the next block who had garages could not drive all the way through. In the newspaper article there was a big discussion but no answer when or how this occurred or why the city didn't use eminent domain to allow the alley to go all the way through. Possibly another case of divine intervention of some politician in the past?

There is a alley behind Central at Elston that ends at Colletti's restaurant that does not go all the way through to Elston.

Superdawg's parking lot is allowed to empty into a alley leading to Devon. With the high bushes definitely a safety hazard but the city doen't mind. I assume it's landmark status gives it priveleges that other businesses are not allowed.

Another question I have is, I seem to remember that the allwys were nnot always lit. If I remember correctly, the lighting of the alleys atarted sometime in the 60's.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: SofaKingSweet (
Date: September 03, 2011 03:40AM

This is correct, as a kid I remember the dark alleys and we played ball later with the addition of the lights...

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: 222psm (
Date: September 04, 2011 11:05PM

I remember the alley between 19th St. and Cullerton was not paved back in the 70's and I'm almost sure it was not lit. Also the alley between 38th Pl. and Pershing Rd back in the early 80's was not paved, it got paved around 82-83. I thought it was strange because our alley between Richmond and Francisco on the North side had been paved and lit since at least the late 60's.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: tomcat630 (
Date: September 05, 2011 04:34AM

I remember alley lights going in, and it was a big deal for safety in mid 60's.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Kchi (
Date: September 07, 2011 02:09PM

The alleys were not lit prior to 1966. In 1966 the city was selling bonds for lighting of the alleys. A Tribune article mentions that we had 2,240 miles of alleys and the cost for lighting was to be 13 million. The police commissioner Wilson stated that there were 37,000 crimes a year reported taking place in alleys.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: tomcat630 (
Date: September 09, 2011 02:50AM

I just remember hearing 'dont go in alleys at night' and the lights were to scare away 'the boogeyman'.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: davey7 (
Date: September 23, 2011 12:16PM

Kchi - there is a movement in some areas to have parking, for enclosed garages specifically, open onto alleys rather than the street, but it's more aldermanic decisions/neighborhood wishes, than an even policy across the city.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: s justice (
Date: November 02, 2011 01:08AM

Heck's bakery was owned by a bowler by the name of Ernie Heck.


Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: celticjunker1 (
Date: July 13, 2012 09:51PM

Our Chicago alley was like Adventureland. In addition to beautiful native wildflowers everywhere that were available for free Mothers Day gifts the alleys were pitch black and perfect for Hill-Dill and Catch-One-Catch-All once it was dark out. People threw away great garbage, suitable for making motorbikes (old lawnmowers, golf clubs, inner tubes which were patched and used for swimming and any myriad of good junk which we "repurposed" into fun stuff.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: chi_techie (
Date: September 23, 2012 01:24PM

[size=medium]The last remaining wood block alley was restored last year:


Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: murphman (
Date: January 04, 2013 09:01PM

Did not know the alleys were unlit till 66. My main recollections of the alleys in the seventies are the almost infinite piles of dog waste. Even on a clear day it was tough to avoid stepping in one. Of course in the summer months , it was easier due to the thousands of flies they attracted. Imagine being "half in the bag" at night navigating the "boulevards" as my late father used to refer to the alleys. The people who don't remember these glorious times would be appalled. We didn't believe in picking it up I guess. Probably figured it would be removed via someone's shoe! Sometimes the good old days weren't so good!!!!

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: daveg (
Date: January 05, 2013 01:19PM

murphman Wrote:
> Did not know the alleys were unlit till 66. My
> main recollections of the alleys in the seventies
> are the almost infinite piles of dog waste. Even
> on a clear day it was tough to avoid stepping in
> one. Of course in the summer months , it was
> easier due to the thousands of flies they
> attracted. Imagine being "half in the bag" at
> night navigating the "boulevards" as my late
> father used to refer to the alleys. The people who
> don't remember these glorious times would be
> appalled. We didn't believe in picking it up I
> guess. Probably figured it would be removed via
> someone's shoe! Sometimes the good old days
> weren't so good!!!!

Let's not forget the term --- alley apple --- used to describe what came out of the south end of a north bound horse.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Mornac (
Date: January 05, 2013 07:38PM

I had friends who grew up in a two-flat on Devon just west of Clark street. The house was surrounded by alleys - to the east, west, and south. I just walked by it a week ago and the situation is unchanged. They always lauded the fact that they were never bothered by any neighbors.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: ambrosemario (
Date: January 05, 2013 10:59PM

As many have already pointed out, Chicago began to install alley lights in the mid to late 60s. It was around this time that the city also began paving alleys. Prior to this, most alleys (at least on the Southside) were composed of dirt and grit. The grit was cinder residue from the many coal-heated houses. Residents would dump their furnace ash in the alley as a means of disposal and to fill the many low spots. I must have fallen off my bike a dozen times in alleys and still cringe at the pain cause by cinders ground into my knees and palms.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Jeff_Weiner (
Date: January 15, 2016 05:08AM

The current alley behind the new 16th District police station goes all the way through, from Foster to Carmen. It's one way SEB., though.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Dunning1 (
Date: January 15, 2016 12:34PM

It was kind of funny, the city paved our alley in the 1960's, all concrete and lights and all, but the street in front remained just blacktop with gravel on the sides, and no curbs until much later. I don't think the street was paved until after 1970. This is the northwest side.

Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Anonymous User (
Date: January 28, 2016 12:36AM

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Re: Chicago Alleys
Posted by: Dunning1 (
Date: January 28, 2016 04:21PM


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