Forgotten Fire Houses
Re: Forgotten Fire Houses
Posted by: ChiTownJim (
Date: February 14, 2015 04:37AM

There is an old fire house on Fullerton just east of Central Park Ave that is now a repair shop. I think it originally housed engine 112 or 114. When I was growing up, Ambulance 3 and Flying Squad 5 were housed there. I think it finally closed in the late 70s or early 80s.

I believe the old engine 68 firehouse on Kostner was standing as of 2004-05. You can still see it in bing maps as of 2007. As a kid, I found it interesting that it was in the Jewel parking lot. I think I read somewhere that it was demolished in 2010. I believe the old Truck35 station on Springfield was demolished about the same time.

Re: Forgotten Fire Houses
Posted by: Cragin Spring (
Date: July 28, 2015 07:51PM

Anybody remember a firehouse (Now Gone) at 6041 South Western Ave.?

Re: Forgotten Fire Houses
Posted by: Mornac (
Date: July 29, 2015 12:58AM

The Fire House in my neighborhood was Engine Co #70 on Rosemont Ave. just off of Clark St.

It closed down about 8 years ago when the CFD constructed a huge modern facility a few blocks south on Clark. The old House was bought by a private entrepreneur who styled it up and now rents it out for [url=]events.[/url]

Re: Forgotten Fire Houses
Posted by: rjmachon (
Date: August 01, 2015 01:46AM

My friend worked there for years at Engine Company #70 on Rosemont!

Re: Forgotten Fire Houses
Posted by: Richard Stachowski (
Date: January 04, 2016 03:36PM

good info

Re: Forgotten Fire Houses
Posted by: Jeff_Weiner (
Date: February 03, 2016 01:14AM


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