Small Orchard--Greenhouse--Ponies--in Avondale

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Small Orchard--Greenhouse--Ponies--in Avondale
Posted by: fleurblue (
Date: October 20, 2010 11:05PM

In the early 60's we would often walk to an orchard and greenhouse located on a triangular shaped piece of land bordered by Milwaukee Ave. on the west, Avers on the east, and School St. on the north.

On the property were two ponies (one white and one brown) named popcorn and peanuts. I don't remember how we learned of the name since we never saw anyone on the premises.

We stood by the fence on Avers, picked up the green apples which fell on the outside and fed them to the eager ponies through the fencing. They had already exhausted the supply on their side. It was a bit of rural life in the otherwise busy city neighborhood.

We looked at the large piece of farm-like land and greenhouse and wondered who owned it. Time passed and the place was razed. I think a free-standing Osco was built on a portion of the land. But a good amount remained vacant and most years in December, Christmas trees were hawked on the lot.

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