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Re: Post Offices
Posted by: the_mogra (
Date: August 24, 2015 02:31PM

the 'satellite' post-offices, as I'd termed them, however were a different thing than the Rosemont P.O. just mentioned. These 'satellites' were primarily a different store--not a post office. For example one was Queens Pharmacy @ 6213 W. Belmont, obviously an old school drug store first and foremost, but also kept postal counter hours. Another I recall many years ago was Beverly Records & Tapes, around 117th south on Western, was likewise a music store but did a side-business for the post office. Like I said the USPS phased these arrangements out a dozen years ago, or more. One neat aspect I learned then is that the store was friendly enough to work the postal counter beyond normal postal hours. You wanted an International Postal Money Order on a sunday for example? No problem, usually, if you tried one of these inauspicious 'satellites'.

That Rosemont branch reminds me a little of 2 others, like the Techny P.O. on waukegan rd, and the Golf one (maybe they ain't there anymore).

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Re: Post Offices
Posted by: SWEDE (
Date: August 25, 2015 12:15AM

Your right that post office in Ford City was a processing plant unload, sort and reload trucks for delivery. My mother worked there during Christmas time only.

Re: Post Offices
Posted by: SWEDE (
Date: August 25, 2015 12:29AM

Does anyone remember the old Clausen Pickle Farm on 52nd and Western Ave?
They had their own Post Office on their grounds built probably in the late 1800's or early 1900. When they demolished most of the mansions and the buildings in the late 1950's they built a post office truck barn where many of the southside delivery trucks were housed. When we were kids we use to roam the pickle farm and when they built the resovior on 50th and Oakley across from the Town Club Tavern the city dumped all the dirt in the pickle farm. We use to ride our bikes down the hill and during the winter we used it for our sleds. It was almost a 2 block long hill and probably 200ft high hill. Then they built the truck barn a couple years later. You would have to be a Back of the Yarder to know the fun we had in this neighborhood.

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