Old Street Lights
Old Street Lights
Posted by: fleurblue (---.ipt.aol.com)
Date: July 26, 2009 12:39AM

I remember the street lights that used to light our neighborhood years ago. They appeared to be no more than 18 feet tall; black poles with a black saucer shaped lid covering a lantern-like bulb. They provided a beautiful soft light and were a lovely addition to the streets. I think that somewhere in the 60's they were replaced with the ugly mercury vapor lights. Brighter (glaring), and probably safer, but definitely less decorative. Summer softened the effect somewhat if the block was tree-lined. I'm not sure how many parts of Chicago were lit with these type of lamps.

Re: Old Street Lights
Posted by: Jeff_Weiner (---.sub-70-194-99.myvzw.com)
Date: January 14, 2016 03:29AM


Re: Old Street Lights
Posted by: Dunning1 (---.dhs.gov)
Date: January 14, 2016 12:20PM

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