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Re: Emil Denmark Dealership
Posted by: Northwestsidegal (
Date: September 11, 2014 03:58PM

My dad worked for Emil Denmark in the forties. His name is Albert Hunt. He was a heavy duty auto mechanic for Emil Denmark. The men wore blue and white uniforms and Emil wanted to show the customers how clean the mechanics were. This is what my dad told me. He said that Mr. Emil Denmark said no man was worth two weeks vacation back then! Boy sounds like a civil rights thing to me these days!

The men had to be near spotless to work on those Cadillacs. After all they were the high paying customers of the time.

I was little, about seven to took us on a Saturday to say hi to his fellow mechanics. I didn' t get to see Al Capone's car though, but dad said he had worked on it and saw the gun compartments.

We loved those times!

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