by Staff

Jacob Kaplan – Editor
Areas of concentration: Urban geography, industrial and retail architecture, labor history.
Selected features: Michael Reese Hospital, Postcards Part 2 – Factories.
Serhii Chrucky – Editor, Photographer
Areas of concentration: Auto-related development, infrastructure.
Selected features: The Extension and Removal of Ogden Avenue, Defining the Four-Plus-One.
Mike Damian – Web Engineer
Enjoys: Macs, cats, and being in new cities.
Daniel Pogorzelski – Writer
Areas of concentration: Ethnic and political history, the Northwest side.
Selected features: Holiday in Avondale, Olson Waterfall
Corinne Jude Aquino – Writer
Areas of concentration: Public housing, urban policy.
Selected features: Harms Park, Old Addresses.

Other Contributors

Patrick Steffes
Terence Banich
Matthew Kaplan
Bill Savage
Maureen Sullivan
Robert Magala
Noah Vaughn

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