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9 years ago
Sounds like I'm a LITTLE younger than some folks here (58), but grew up on 49th & Wood - and my brother IS STILL THERE. I live in Osaka and get back twice a year if I can. Split my head good on the swings, did the CYO summer program for several years, and our cub scout troop would sometimes have summer BBQs at the VFW on 50th in conjuction with prep for the summer Pow-wows. St. Joe's on 48th e
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10 years ago
Near St. Joseph's were Kozera's (1718 W. 48th), Boldyga's (48th & Hermitage), and Broda's (51st & Wood). Used to "ditch mass" and shoot the breeze with Chuck the paper boy in front of Boldyga's on Sunday mornings. Was good friends with the Kozera son - when there were no bodies waked, we'd use one of the parlors to jam on guitars, playing Hendrix, Cream, Blue Cheer...(ca 1969).
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