Old Billboards
Old Billboards
Posted by: Serhii ()
Date: December 04, 2009 08:22PM

What is the oldest standing street-level billboards in the metropolitan area? I'm talking about the type that is so low it would be tough to drive a car under it. Some examples of this height can be found at Chicago/Ashland and Broadway/Ardmore. List the ones you know!

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Re: Old Billboards
Posted by: WayOutWardell ()
Date: December 05, 2009 01:54AM

I think there's still one at the corner of Ashland/Armitage, but I don't know how old it is. Do abandoned gas station billboards count?

Re: Old Billboards
Posted by: captain54 ()
Date: January 20, 2010 04:59AM

here's a link to some billboard footage from the 40's


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