Posted by: Kchi (
Date: October 19, 2012 01:41PM

Anybody care to mention pizzarias they remember from the past.

In Bucktown in the 60's, I remember a pizzaria now long gone I think at Damen and Wabansia named J&J's. On Western and Charleston there is John's which I visited a few years ago that looks like it hasen't changed since the 50's. Old counter stools and booths with a jukebox. Another pizza place I remember was Congress pizza on Milwaukee located on the ground floor of a building that housed Congress bowl and at one time I believe banquet halls.

Currently one of the places I try to get to a couple times a year is Martino's in the 3300 block of Peterson.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: zorchvalve (
Date: October 19, 2012 02:20PM

How about patsys on ogden ave. north of north ave. or roman village at north ave and orchard.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: b.a.hoarder (
Date: October 19, 2012 02:35PM

In my neighborhood (Garfield Ridge) An-Jeans Pizzeria was the best by far. Nice quiet neighborhood bar with lots of booths too. When the original owner sold out she stayed in an apartment at the rear of the building and still made the homemade sauce for the new owners. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Another favorite was the pizza at Alferno's which was on north Clark, maybe 2000-3000 N.? Too many years ago, can't recall exactly where it was. In Brighton Park the place to go was Chesdan's, they are still around, out in the southwest suburbs on Bell Road just off 159th Street.And lastly we used to visit Connie's at the original restaurant on 35th Street long before they expanded and opened multiple locations.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: fleurblue (
Date: October 19, 2012 11:59PM

Nardo's was our standy on Pulaski near Milwaukee. Super greasy.

Almost next door to it was Casa Luna; a tiny dining room with pizza that looked like it came from the supermarket. Years later we found it was a front for a bookie joint.

Father & Son was a favorite and is still in business on Milwaukee Ave. and North Ave.

Correction: Casa Luna was not the name of the pizzaria next to Nardo's. The correct name was Cozy Nook. I believe Casa Luna was somewhere near Irving Pk. and Elston.

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Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: rjmachon (
Date: October 20, 2012 10:49AM

I use to go to Martino's all the time back in the mid 1980's. They had great pizza.

Did anyone ever goes to MYIII's (My Pie's) Pizza on Sheridan Road just across from Loyola? This would be in the 1970's. They use to brag about there fabulous sound system there with the Bose 901 Speakers.

@fleurblue, I remember when Father & Son was next to the Logan Square CTA terminal building before there had a fire. There was a liquor store next to them as well they caught on fire as well. This had to be the late 1960's.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: Lance Grey (
Date: October 20, 2012 11:35AM

Our family favorite was Logalbo's!
Right next to the Southport Ravenswood (Brown Line) El Stop.

In recent years it became the Red Tomato and lost its appeal.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: fleurblue (
Date: October 20, 2012 03:07PM

rjmachon, I do remember MYPi pizza. I went to the Loyola campus but may have only eaten there once. I don't remember much about it.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: rjmachon (
Date: October 20, 2012 03:39PM

@ fleurblue, did you go to school at Loyola?

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: jd (
Date: October 20, 2012 06:27PM

Home Run Inn on 31st St. on the West Side. Still there. Been there forever.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: nordsider (
Date: October 20, 2012 07:58PM

The one and only pizzaria that I've been in - back in the mid 60s, in the Rush Street area, at Ohio and Wabash - the Uno Chicago Grill, for "Chicago-style deep dish pizza."

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Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: Lance Grey (
Date: October 20, 2012 11:47PM

Gave them a try last summer but they couldn't figure out how to sell a slice.

jd Wrote:
> Home Run Inn on 31st St. on the West Side. Still
> there. Been there forever.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: West Town (
Date: October 22, 2012 05:14PM

In the 60's, Mickey's on Ashland Ave. one or two block's North of Chicago Ave. I remember the old red Jeep that used to sit out front for deliveries. Not great but good pizza.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: ambrosemario (
Date: October 23, 2012 02:58AM

On the southwest side there was Buddy's at 79th and Hermitage and Onesti's on 71st just east of California. Back in the day, virtually all neigherhood pizza on the southside was thin crust. I don't recall ever having deep dish until I got old enough to drive and would take a date to Gino East,Uno's or Due's. In fact, to this day thin crust remains far more common and popular out south. Fox's, Rosangelos, Vito & Nick's (very thin) and several others still make great thin crust pizza. I've got nothing against deep dish, but it kills me when the media always refers to deep dish when talking about Chicago style pizza.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: Jazzman (
Date: October 23, 2012 03:44PM

There was a Logalbo's about 6111 W Belmont... the building is still there.

My folks never really cared for it.. so we always went to MARYS about 3735 or so on Fullerton -- just down the block (west) of Garden Walk Banquets.

Does anyone recall a pizza Place on Belmont and Austin.. it was next to the former Rite Way Grill. I remember going there in the late 50's early 60's.
The address was probably 6009 or so on Belmont.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: locoengineer (
Date: October 23, 2012 04:28PM

Santucci's at 62nd & Cicero in Chicago-----rectangle-shaped pizza!!!

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: CarmenTheTerror (
Date: October 23, 2012 07:22PM

My parents used to work at Alferno's in the early 80's. My mom was a waitress and my dad was one of the pizza cooks. I guess the place was owned my the mobbed. It burned down. Probably in an attempt to collect the insurance.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: shekaago (70.58.230.---)
Date: October 23, 2012 09:08PM

My family actually liked the old Logalbo's at 6111 W. Belmont. :-)
However, our neighbors preferred Frank's, which is still located at 6506 W. Belmont.
We also used to get an awesome stuffed pizza from a place called Mangia (which is now closed and a different pizzeria has opened in its place). They were on Addison just west of Oak Park Ave. then moved to 6944 W. Belmont.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: gglow (
Date: October 25, 2012 03:54PM

Johns jumbo or as it was known jumbo Johns,Grand & Damen.

Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: backwardk4501 (
Date: October 25, 2012 10:50PM

Bellarosa's (sp?)....It was on the corner of Long and Irving (SE side). You entered from the side of the building on Long. I know there was some sort of small store in the front facing Irving Park. It was not there that long, but it had the best tasting sauce that I can remember...I was just a kid, but can still "taste" it when I think about it.

We also went to a dine-in pizza may have had all kinds of Italian Food, but I only remember getting pizza there. It was on Irving Park Road on the south side of the street. Definitely west of Cicero and east of Lavergne.

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Re: Pizzarias
Posted by: Dunning1 (216.81.94.---)
Date: October 26, 2012 01:06PM

I am really going to date myself on this one...I remember the old "Pizza Palace" that was at the southeast corner of Narragansett and Diversey, across from the old Carey Brick Company claypit which eventually became the Brickyard Mall. That would have to have been in the 1950's, and I remember going there was quite a treat. The restaurant eventually became a diner called Mr. Edwards, then a currency exchange. The building was recently torn down for a Bank of America branch.

I also remember Mangia Pizza that was on Addison, later Belmont Avenue. After Mangia moved, the son of the building owner ran it as a pizzeria for a while, but it did not last long. The building is now a printing shop.

Getting a little out of the area, I lived in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn for about ten years, and I remember going into the original Sbarro's, which was at the corner of 17th Avenue and 65th Street. I often was served at the counter by Mr. Sbarro himself. Last time I visited back there, the original store, which was more of a salumeria than a pizzeria, was gone, but I always remember Mr. Sbarro when I visit one of their pizzerias today.

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