Sunny Monday Laundry Soap
Sunny Monday Laundry Soap
Posted by: liz (
Date: August 27, 2010 06:19PM

Lighten the Labor of Wash-day

by using Sunny Monday
Laundry Soap

A Quick

Sunny Monday

possesses re-
markable dirt-
startii^ qual-
ities. It makes
the dirt fairly fly before it.
It saves rubbing, wear and
tear on clothes, and will en-
able you to get your wash out
in half the usual time.

Will Hot Sonny Monday will .wash woolens and
flannels, absolutely without shrinking.
Nearly all laundry soaps contain considerable
rosin and this is injurious to

woolen garments, causing the fibers to
harden and shrink. Sunny Monday, however, con-
tains no rosin, and leaves the clothes soft and fleecy
as they were at first.

Sunny Monday works well in any kind
of water — hard or soft, cold or hot.
You may boil your clothes or not, as
you may prefer, and with Sunny
Monday you will get perfect results;,
the same cannot be said of the numerous naphtha
soaps on the market today, whose virtue is lost when
used in anything but cold water.

"Sunny Monday bubbles
Will wash away your troubles"

Made by

Works in
Any Kind
of Water
From the back of 1910 cookbook

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