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1980s (Lost) & Found I: Mixed-Use, Civic & Residential
by Patrick Steffes » 10.10.2018

FC10x10 and Forgotten Chicago’s Tenth Event and Tour Season
by Staff » 3.9.2018

Ten Years of Forgotten Chicago, Ten CHI-llusives
by Patrick Steffes » 12.31.2017

Beach Coats, Shoes, and Robes, Please: Shoreline Motel Ephemera
by Patrick Steffes » 7.20.2017

Chicago’s Forgotten Fountains
by Greg Borzo » 6.10.2017

Building New: 25 Years of the Harold Washington Library Center
by Patrick Steffes » 9.20.2016

That Not-So-Great Street: State Street in Transition
by Patrick Steffes » 9.13.2016

Chicago’s Glass Block Part I – 1893, Early Glass Block, and Prism Glass
by Joe Sislow » 7.17.2016

Uncovering Forgotten Chicago Through Research and Events
by Patrick Steffes » 11.6.2015

Slow! Watch for Politicians
by Jacob Kaplan » 8.4.2015

Sharply Defined Masses: The Forgotten Work of James F. Eppenstein, Part 3
by Patrick Steffes » 3.20.2015

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